Repeat mode – current or all tracks A few words about the tuning wheel.
Instruction in Russian PDF There is no button to switch between them.

XHDATA D-38 all-band receiver with mp3 player

On the right side there is an OFF / MP3 / mode switch RADIO, volume control and frequency adjustment wheel, charging connector on the left
Let’s consider the receiver itself. The display shows: In general, it was very interesting! And then it became interesting for me to listen to what is generally on short waves, because I have never listened to it! There is no random playback function, it plays all tracks in order. Well, at night, distant radio stations began to be received, and the air was simply packed with them! You slowly turn the tuning wheel, find some station, turn the receiver itself to improve reception and listen … then the next and the next.
Complete set – device, battery 18650 1200mah, cord, cable miniUSB for charging, instructions.
When you press a pause, the corresponding inscription appears Automatic playback starts from a usb or microSD flash drive, if both are installed, it plays from the one with which it was last played. Switching between them is done by the track switch button (hereinafter also on other bands)
Despite the regulator with the initial and final position, the adjustment is digital.
Volume level.
Specifications: As a child (early 2000s) I had a Kipo KB-8090 pocket radio. Also, after turning off, the track and stop time are remembered, so this device is quite suitable for audiobooks.
When you enter the track number on the numeric keypad Hello everyone! Among the radios I chose powered by 18650 battery, with FM/MW/SW bands, with mp3 support from usb or microSD. It took different things, mostly foreign, but it also happened to catch something in Russian, now you don’t remember. And recently I found this radio receiver in the trash, podshamanit it (soldered off the wires), turned it on – it works! During the day there is nothing on the NE, Mayak was turned off a long time ago, and only at night you can hear something, but in much smaller quantities. There are 32 volume levels in total. Turn on in mp3 mode. It has 2 end positions, it rotates like in conventional receivers with a tuning scale with KPI, but the setting is completely digital – a variable resistor is used for tuning. Track time Of course, I didn’t really listen to him, so, in the background in the country. We didn’t broadcast anything on FM except “radio of Russia” (as it is now), so we mostly listened to radio “Mayak” on medium waves. But this does not negate the fact that in the off state, you can change the volume. Also, by holding the repeat button for a long time, you can set the sleep timer after 15/30/45/60/75/90/105/120 minutes MW (MW) band: European 522-1620KHz in 9kHz tuning steps; American 520-1730KHz in 10KHz tuning steps. It can be seen in the disassembly below. There is a speaker, an LED display and a block of buttons on the front – track number input, pause, rewind / band / track switching, repeat / timer button
Go to radio mode. The tuning step is 100KHz, in the entire range.
Rear telescopic antenna and compartment for 18650 battery Top headphone output, flash drive connectors and frequency band switch The FM band is divided into 2 subbands: 87-108MHz and 64-87MHz. You can switch between folders – press the pause and the track switch button you can go to another folder. The radio is supplied in a box

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