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'All Core All The Time'

Born from the idea of a Navy Seal- Randy Hetrick- TRX Suspension is a twist on the conventional strength training that is typically available in gyms worldwide. Working solely with body weight. TRX Suspension System helps to build functional strength, improves flexibility, balance, and core stability to create a workout which focuses on engaging the body as an integrated system. This programme is suitable for all fitness levels and ages and allows every individual to progress and regress within the same movement.

TRX Endurance

The only programme that uses the legendary Gauntlet Stairmaster.

Challenge your strength, cardio, and mobility simultaneously to get your blood pumping and sweating in this 4-stationed style TRX class. This programme will have you leaving the class feeling stronger and fitter.

Suitable for all ages & levels.

TRX Strength

The OG of the OG.

Focusing entirely on the fundamentals- this class is your test for absolute strength, dynamic mobility, and explosive movement to bring out the Athlete in you. Perfect for beginners to advanced athletes, you will learn all TRX fundamental movements during the class with options to progress and regress simultaneously.

Suitable for all ages & levels.

TRX Functional

Form + Functional = TRX Functional.

Combining elements of TRX Suspension Trainer with kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands, monkey bars, and more. This class is sure to test your limits.

Suitable for all ages & levels.

TRX Core

Demanding ultimate focus and attention- there isn’t a minute of relaxation in this class.

To help target the entire mid- section, this class is loaded with endless Mountain Climbers, Pikes, Pendulums, and Planks. Through this class, you will also gain increased mobility and flexibility in your shoulders and hips.

Suitable for Intermediate & Advanced levels.

TRX Yoga Flow

A combination of the things you love the most- TRX and Yoga.

The first of its kind in Malaysia, this class will help improve your flexibility, stability, and engagement with your entire body. TRX Yoga Flow is the perfect complimentary class after a workout or as a warm-up for your next class and will guarantee you the perfect start/ end to your day.

Suitable for all ages & levels.

RIP Trainer

The TRX® RIP TRAINER® is an innovative weighted bar and resistance bungee that target your entire mid-section while building up your speed, agility, and balance.

Train every plane of motion while building lean muscle with this strength-based class. RIP Trainer is specifically great for athletes who require great rotational power & strength [Example: Golf, Baseball, Tennis, etc].

Suitable for Intermediate & Advanced Athletes with prior experience in TRX RIP Trainer.

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