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Terms & Conditions


Membership may not be transferred, is non-refundable and is non-assignable unless approved by RFC Management. All members must register for direct- debit with RFC. The inability to do so is subject to the approval of RFC’s management and may result in a fine. Please ensure all Membership information and payment method details are up-to-date. If any credit card charge payable to RFC is not honoured, The Management will levy a RM50 charge for each credit card rejected and will collect the current and past-due balances in any subsequent month. Direct- debit can occur at any given time during the first 7 days of the month. However, if unsuccessful, RFC reserves the right to deduct membership dues alongside any remaining outstanding payments at any time throughout the month under the Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization agreement.


Members and Guests must agree to all the Membership rules, regulations and schedules of RFC, which may be amended from time to time, at the Management’s discretion. All Members must abide by the rules of RFC that may be amended, varied, deleted and added from time to time at the Management’s discretion.



0600am to 2200pm


0700am to 2100pm


0800am to 2000pm


0800am to 2000pm

RFC observes all Public Holidays under the respective state.



Members are required to fulfil a 6 months commitment upon signing up. RFC is not liable to provide a refund should the member be unable to fulfil this commitment. Members can only terminate their Membership when their contract expires. Members should notify RFC at least 1 month before cancellation to prevent automatic billing of renewal. The cut-off date for all terminations/ freezing requests is the 23rd of every month. Members are required to settle any remaining months left in their contract should they wish to terminate within their contract period. The deposit may only be utilised after the fulfilment of their 6 months contract. After the completion of the contract, should the member decide to terminate, the deposit will only be used on the 7th month. Cancellation due to medical incapacity is allowed if Members can provide supporting documentation. All fees incurred upon are non-refundable.



Members must provide valid documentation for their freezing. Requests are subject to approval by RFC Management. A freeze fee of their monthly membership per month must be paid in advance. The time freeze period always starts on the 1st day of the month and finishes on the last day of the month. The Management understands there may be times when a member may travel frequently in and out of the country in one given month. Please ask to see the Manager on duty for advice. Members may not use the club facilities during the freezing period unless the Membership is ‘unfrozen’ by paying the pro-rate dues of the month before the end of the freezing period. ‘Frozen’ Memberships will be reactivated to a full paying Membership automatically upon the expiry of the agreed frozen period.


RFC reserves the right to revoke and cancel a member’s membership at any time for any reason. No refund will be processed under any circumstances.


All sales of personal training sessions are final and non-refundable. Individuals should refer to their Personal Training Agreement for the necessary Terms and Conditions. Soliciting and selling private personal training sessions or merchandise to other Members is prohibited and shall result in immediate termination.


Use of non-RFC Personal Trainers in RFC is prohibited. Members may not personally train other Members. RFC’s Management reserves the right to immediately revoke the non- RFC trainer and the trainee member if caught.


Children under 16 years of age may use the facility and must be accompanied by a Parent, Guardian or a Personal Trainer if a Training Package has been purchased for the child.



To ensure good hygiene and a clean facility, The Management would appreciate if Members and guests could wipe down all equipment and gear after use.
Members and guests may not use the facilities of RFC while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other mood-altering substances.




Proper athletic attire and footwear are required. Street clothes or dress shoes, flip flops, sandals or slippers are not permitted in RFC’s fitness areas.
RFC has the right to refuse the usage of any equipment if the proper attire is not worn.




Member’s guests are permitted in the club, but only under such rules, regulations, fees and schedules. RFC reserves the right to limit the number of times anyone guest can use the facility and reserves the right to refuse any guest whose use of the facility, in the sole opinion of the management, would be detrimental to the facility or any of its Members. All guests must check-in at the front desk.



Lockers are provided solely for the benefit and convenience of members and guests. Overnight storage is not permitted and RFC has the right to remove any articles left in a locker overnight. All lockers need to be emptied, upon exiting the club. RFC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items or articles left in the premises [“I release RFC of any claims, demands, suits, complaints, cause of action or any liability for loss, stolen items or damage to personal property while using a locker on the premises”]. Storage of illegal substances and firearms are not permitted. The use of mobile phones with camera features and or any other types of visual recorders in locker rooms is strictly prohibited.




All towels are accountable for and are for gym use only. Please return towels before exiting RFC.




Members and guests are urged to avoid bringing valuables into the facility. RFC shall not be liable for the loss of or theft of, or damage to, the personal property of Members or guests, including items left in lockers or anywhere in the premises.




By accepting his/ her application for membership at RFC, the member agrees that: RFC accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to Members’ or their guests’ valuables and/ or any injuries sustained whilst on the premises, including death. Members and their guests agree that no claims will be made against RFC, the Management or staff for any reason whatsoever. Members assume full responsibility for his or her use of the facility and release RFC from any claims including those caused in whole or in part, by the negligence of RFC.



We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms & Conditions by posting the updated terms on the website. Your continued use of RFC’s facilities and website after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms & Conditions.




This contract accounts for the entire agreement between the respective member and RFC. Any new modifications made to the contract can only be executed by an authorized representative of RFC.




A copy of a digitally signed contract upon joining will be sent via email or a printed copy can be printed upon request. A digitally/ electronically signed contract and paper signed contract are both legally recognized

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