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Specially designed, curated, and programmed for the unconventional Athlete. These Signature classes are simply out-of-the-box and 100% fun. Taught entirely by in-house Coaches and found only at RFC. We have made sure to target every part of your body to give you the best full-body workout experience possible.

Row Out

Learn from the best and perform like an Athlete in Malaysia’s 1st Rowing class.

Entirely data and technique driven, this class is a guaranteed calorie burner that engages up to 85% of the body’s muscle, thus, making ROW Out the perfect combination for strength and cardio.

Suitable for all ages & levels.


Run. Resistance. Row.

A specially curated interval training class designed to keep you moving from the tread to weights to rowing. This training is the ultimate athletic training.

Suitable for all ages & levels.

Lean Bodies

Challenge yourself in all ways possible in this nonstop circuit training that helps to improve your cardio with dynamic bodyweight movements and resistance exercises.

Suitable for Intermediate & Advanced Athletes.

TRX Core

Demanding ultimate focus and attention- there isn’t a minute of relaxation in this class.

To help target the entire mid- section, this class is loaded with endless Mountain Climbers, Pikes, Pendulums, and Planks. Through this class, you will also gain increased mobility and flexibility in your shoulders and hips.

Suitable for Intermediate & Advanced levels.


Where fantasy meets reality.

A total body training circuit with a game-style twist, this class will keep you on your toes and sweating hard. Unlike other HIIT classes, FOD will focus on strength and explosiveness to bring out the true Athlete in you.

Suitable for all ages & levels.

RIP Trainer

The TRX® RIP TRAINER® is an innovative weighted bar and resistance bungee that target your entire mid-section while building up your speed, agility, and balance.

Train every plane of motion while building lean muscle with this strength-based class. RIP Trainer is specifically great for athletes who require great rotational power & strength [Example: Golf, Baseball, Tennis, etc].

Suitable for Intermediate & Advanced Athletes with prior experience in TRX RIP Trainer.

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