On the reverse side there are three leatherette pads.
In the middle is a control panel with the ability to mute and unmute the microphone, and a volume wheel. The 2-meter cable is surprisingly unsheathed like in other Sades models, dense to the touch. The store provided one of these models for review, Sades Bpower is a gaming headset for a computer, and game consoles Ps4, and Xbox ONE. There are no extraneous noises, they play quite cleanly without wheezing. The ear pads are large, cover the entire ear, surrounding sounds are not audible.

Sades Bpower gaming headset.

You have probably heard about Sades if you often visit Aliexpress, the company is not very big, but judging by the reviews it produces good headsets, and most importantly inexpensive, due to which many people buy them.
There are two 3.5 mini jacks on the bottom for connection, which is also quite rare for Sades actively using USB, one jack is connected to the audio jack, the other to the microphone. The headband is made of dense rubber, due to which it can bend a little. I don’t have an Xbox One, and so far only the third of the ploys, so I can’t check. Turn on what the headset is intended for.
Connection type: Wired They are made quite neatly, without jambs in painting, protruding threads on the ambriatures, etc. , and the quality of the headphones is normal.
Cable length: 2.0 m
Bottom is the warranty card.
Connectors: 3.5 mm Volume control: Yes The volume margin is large, for https://jiji.ng/amuwo-odofin/297-generators/japanese myself I don’t raise more than the middle. I didn’t sit in the headphones for more than 2 hours, but during this time there were no problems, my ears are dry, there is no discomfort, they don’t get off my head. In general, for listening to music, it is better to look for something else. Weight 250 grams. Active noise cancellation: Yes Headphones are delivered in a cardboard box with the model name and technical specifications on the back.
Size adjustment. The microphone is not bad, the sensitivity is decent, in order to be heard well, you don’t need to bring it directly to your mouth, of course there is no crystal clear recording, but Dote will do for Skype or to insult the mother of an ally).
Here the situation is already much better, I can’t say that the difference with ordinary headphones is colossal, but it is there, shots, explosions and other effects sound good. Sensitivity:98±3dB
On the left side, a microphone is located on a bendable cable; when used, it is held tightly, without spontaneously going down, or other sides. Frequency range:20 — 20000 Hz The headphones are made of matte plastic, they are quite durable to the touch, they do not bend or creak when pressed. The headset sits comfortably on the head, does not press, with prolonged use the head does not hurt.
In addition to the headphones, there were instructions, and a Y-shaped adapter for two connectors. Impedance:22Ω Type: Headset At the first connection, which happens without problems, I immediately turned on the music, and to be honest I was not impressed, there were no tops and middles, the bottoms were even more or less, the bass did not play badly.
The ear pads are leatherette, soft, and most importantly, the ears do not sweat. The remote control performs its functions well, but because of the unsuccessful shape for me, it constantly clings to the edge of the table.

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