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Bring out your creative side as you explore and experiment with unconventional ways to move your body. From dancing to flowing, these classes are suitable for any Athlete whose looking to express and explore their potential and reach a higher sense of achievement and relaxation.

RFC Dance Off

A perfect class for any new/ seasoned member who wants to gain hand-eye- coordination while boogying to some of the most hip music in town. Let loose and de-stress with this class filled with dynamic movements from the past and the present.

Suitable for all ages & levels.

RFC Pilates

Aimed at promoting mind-body awareness and strengthening of the body, this class aims to improve your posture, balance, and flexibility through an emphasis on your core.

Suitable for all ages & levels.

RFC Yogilates

The birth child of 2 perfect worlds- Yoga & Pilates.

Gain the benefits of both core strength, improved posture, flexibility, and balance through the combined flow & strength of Pilates and Yoga- all while flowing to the rhythm of the music!

Suitable for all ages & levels.

RFC Vinyasa Flow

Compliment your weekly workouts and release tension in your daily life through breathing exercises and sun salutations.

The perfect test to challenge your physical and mental limits while stretching every fibre in your body.

Suitable for all ages & levels.


Punch out any left-over stress at the end of the day with this intensive Athletic training.

Focusing largely on pad work, striking and blocking technique, and core strength; this is a perfect class if you prefer something fun and sweaty.

Suitable for all ages & levels.

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