Black Waterproof Eye Liner Eyeliner Gel Makeup Cosmetic Brush

I will continue about cosmetics. First of all, I bought it because of the ridiculous price in addition to the order. Yes, and for a long time I wanted to try gel eyeliner.

There are many options on the site, but I chose this one. Weight 4.5 grams, diameter about 2 cm.

What was promised:
1) water resistance;
2) does not smudge throughout the day, i.ะต. resistance;
3) bright, pigmented color;
4) comfortable brush for application.

In general, gel eyeliner looks like this:

So, about the pluses: it is really bright, black and saturated. Easy to apply, you can draw lines of any thickness, though you need a good brush.

I decided to show on my hand what the eyeliner looks like in general:

On the right, the line is drawn on the base for the shadows.
One awkward movement:

and everything is blurry.
In principle, no special tools are needed to erase this eyeliner.

So the cons:
1) a terrible brush, it’s better to throw it away right away (I got a natural, unevenly cut, although the site shows an artificial one)
2) not waterproof, it can be washed off with absolutely any means;
3) and not long lasting, easy to smudge(
4) no composition and no expiration date
It was difficult for me to draw very thin lines, but I’m looking for my perfect eyeliner brush.

For everyday makeup is not suitable, too bright and not resistant. But great for a photo shoot.

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